About Us


Jhaveri Rellumal Bhagnari – Director Shahab Ahmed General Trading LLC. DOB 30.03.1949 1st work experience Asian Umbrellas Mfg & Kesoomal Nariandas Fireworks started his career at age of 13 -1963. He landed in Dubai on 8th December 1976. 1971-1976 Mustafa Bin Abdul Latif selling heavy duty electrical cables.1976-1982 Overseas Cold Stores Manager incharge of Frozen Food Division. 1982-2007 IFFCO Headed the buying/selling operations under direct supervision of Mr.Feroz Allana for 25 years, were he travelled to numerous countries New Zealand , Australia , Brazil , Germany , France , Netherlands, Poland, Belgium,Former Yugoslavia (Serbia,Croatia & Slovenia)South America (Argentina & Uruguay) & South Africa.He also frequently travel to the likes of Saudi Arabia , Doha , Bahrain , Kuwait , Azerbaijan & Armenia. During his tenure with IFFCO he gained immense knowledge in processing and trading of frozen foods. He has traded in Poultry, Indian Buffalo Meat , Beef , Veal, Lamb , Mutton , Vegetables, Diary Products (milk powder & butter). He as on today heads & owns Shahab Ahmed General Trading LLC & it’s subsidiaries.


The need to innovate and explore beyond the food industry led to us spreading our wings to offer proficiency and unparalleled customer service in the construction industry. The inception of Shahab Ahmed General Trading happened in 2008 to mirror the company’s growth and transformation. The company has successfully created an excellent track record in the dewatering construction segment. We provide efficient, cost-effective dewatering solutions to ensure successful completion of the project, control risks, and keep your project on schedule. For the short term, growth is already built into our book based on our clients’ and partners’ plans. As quick, flexible, and adept leaners, we have identified growth areas based on regional trends and evolving market conditions. This has led us to become a preferred supplier to one of the Doha Metro’s key dewatering contractors. We have a legacy of service and tradition that we continue to honor by continuously exceeding our clients’ expectations joyfully.


SAGT is one of the leading importers and distributors of fresh frozen vegetables & meat in the GCC region. In due progression, we have expanded our product line into multiple classifications including meat, poultry, fries and other foodstuff goods. Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, our headquarters cater to multiple operational facilities located throughout the country that enables us to reach our domestic and external clients with ease. Our very diverse and expert team of traders is adept with brining in different types of products from all around the world at the best price and quality suitable for our clients. Here at SAGT, we have a vivid understanding of our clients’ needs and wants based on geographic and demographic factors. A vast number of clients to serve, we heavily emphasize on the importance of Logistics from the producers’ grounds up until your doorsteps. Our goods are shipped in containers by land, water and air and are de-bulked into smaller deliverable packages of different selections by our fleet of cargo vehicles. Our sales and logistics teams are connected at every process to be able to serve clients around the clock. With long-held relationships with global suppliers and partners, we guarantee uncompromised quality at a fair price. As we continue to grow, we strive to reinforce a culture of change to adapt to changing consumer preferences and continuously serving their needs as well as tapping into potential markets.